Our values


Our philosophy is that home furnishings as well as travel memories should last long, be of good quality, sustainably produced and make your home more beautiful and practical. We work with a timeless design that stays modern forever and fits easily into most homes.


Sustainability, Fairness, Simplicity, Respect, Creativity. It is as simple as that. 


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Our background


MA LOVE was founded by me, Malin Ovesson in 2015. After 15 years of working in the homefurnishing business in different positions and countries I had gained a deep knowledge about home furnishing, communications and commercial retailing with focus on Interior design, product development and communications. But also a lot about logistics and sales.


At the time just before the brand creation I was working in Sweden and Zurich and had to commute back to Lausanne (for love) every second weekend. At one point it was just not sustainable anymore and I decided to simply stay in Lausanne. With a bit too much time available I started to play around with some ideas.

I had spent 12 years in Switzerland, living in 4 different cantons and as I loooove travelling and seeing new things I think I have probably seen more of Switzerland than most swiss people have.

In MA LOVE I combined all my passions - Homefurnishings, travelling, mountains and my work for a better planet. A concept was born.

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All the best, 
Malin Ovesson, Founder MA LOVE