After 15 years of working in the homefurnishing business in different positions and countries I have gained a deep knowledge about home furnishing communications and commercial retailing with focus on retail & Interior design, communications, furniture, home furnishing competence, visual merchandising and sales. As independent concept developer and with 5 years of store management and store openings as communication & Interior design manager has given me competences such as:

-      Product development, Interior architecture and retail design -

With educations in furniture and wood design, 4 years working as Interior Designer (f. ex the rebuild of living room Kungens Kurva Stockholm, build up and tour leader of the go cubic exhibition, office department Tokyo, 5 years as department head (3 years IKEA Aubonne, one full store planning and opening (2.5 years IKEA Geneva) Examples of projects: As art director I planned a solution and lead the build up of a TV-spot. The message was « living with textiles ». We had only one day to make all the solutions but with good team spirit and planning we made it. We sold 25% more textiles.

-      Branding, communication & concept development -

5 years of experience in marketing and competition analysis that were made into shop strategies how to meet the market, communication and which focuses to take etc. F. ex. Marketing analysis showed that the perception of the brand was low amongst teenagers so I got the task from Ingvar Kamprad to develop a new concept that would attract teens to IKEA. I put together a workgroup to work on that. The Swiss management team appreciated the concept and we increased the turnover with an average of 23% of the products. As independent I have worked with range development and concept and communication development for an interior design shop


Some heartwarming references:


"During the time I have had the privilege to work together with Malin, I have seen what a great asset it is to have her in the team. Malin is a self motivated person with plenty of creativity and ideas. She is driven and a well organized project leader that always deliver on time and has a willingness of contribution. Malin has a good sense of business and is a friendly colleague."

- Ewa Thylén, Product developer  


"I have had the pleasure to work with Malin for a few years at IKEA Vernier. Malin is an extremely dedicated and focused worker with a strong creative and strategic mind. She has demonstrated strength in coaching a team and leading projects and have taken any possible difficulties or challenges along the project with an ease. She is a considerate team player who demonstrates real empathy. I have seen Malin's career continue to grow and believe her competencies would benefit many organizations that are forward thinking. I wish Malin the best of luck in the future."

- Ebba Barchan, Marketing manager IKEA


"I worked a few years with Malin in IKEA Aubonne. Malin is a very professional person with whom it is pleasant to work. She has a deep knowledge of retail business and is fully able to analyze the commerciality of a retail environment. Her leadership comes naturally by her exemplary conduct and commitment in the projects for which she is responsible to carry out. She has also a pleasant personality that leaves room for humor. She stays calm and in control even in a stressing situation that can occur sometimes in a big project. I would work with Malin again at any time."

- Serge Poirier, Sales manager IKEA


"Malin has a deep knowledge in home furnishing and range presentation techniques. In performing her duties, Mrs Ovesson demonstrates a high level of individual initiative and the ability to delegate responsibility. She has a strong connection with the company culture and she both lives and shares it with her team in her daily work. Mrs Ovesson always shows a strong desire to develop personally and contributes to the development of others. She possesses the desire to learn from others and is ready to listen to different opinions. I would like to thank her for the valuable work as a member of the mangementgroup and I wish her the best and continued success in all she undertakes."

- Jean-Christophe Leboulanger, Store manager IKEA


"Malin is a very flexible and can take a lot on her shoulders and she masters well all company situations with strong customer and sales frequency. She is thinking business wise and always looked for cost efficient solutions. Malin has a high knowledge and could please customers in all situations. Her solutions and management tasks were to our full satisfaction and she was therefore a valuable manager.Malin knows how to convince her partners, tasks competences and responsibilities she delegated to our satisfaction. Her communication is clear and gives information to relevant people. She has a friendly approach to manage, coworkers and colleagues. Though her loyalty she is a role model for our company culture.I wish Malin for the future a lot of success with both private and business."

- Melanie Maessen, Country Communication & Interior design manager 


I have worked with Malin during a few years and I have seen how her deep knowledge and interest has improved the business. She is a fast learner and a strategic thinker of how to meet the market and leads the communication processes and solutions towards customer needs. She is very goal focused and process oriented when managing projects and has a high level of individual initiatives and likes taking on responsibilities and new challenges. For example she reached very fast the demanding goals for highest inspiration index and commercial review in Switzerland.Malin is very people oriented and value driven and delegating responsibility and supporting the development of others is key for her.All in all Malin is supporting and leading the development of business & people to reach new goals and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any further employer.
- Ingrid Heidenberg, Country CR responsible & project implementation manager