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Why do we need more memories and souvenirs?

Travelling, I just love travelling. Well, who doesn’t really? You prepare yourself (in best case scenario) and read about the place that you are going to visit. The thrill of packing your bag, rushing off to the airport and then once in the plane, watching movie after movie and being served food and drinks with a smile.

That amazing feeling of getting out of the airport and to see if you can manage to understand how to get to the hotel. Or just find A hotel if you have not booked anything. Then day after day visiting new places, meeting new people and cultures. Making all the cultural mistakes possible, exploring the local way of doing things, the nature and so much more.

While clearing out some of my old stuff I found some quite ugly jewellery that I bought when I was backpacking in South Africa. Yes, it was cheap, but handmade. I don't remember having worn them once. I guess it was the best thing I could find because as usual, the souvenir shops were probably full of cheap China-made low quality tacky stuff. I really cannot remember as it was a long time ago.

swimming with zulu kids south africa.JPG

Finding that piece of jewellery reminded me of that trip. I was transported back to that Zulu village in a split second and I could remember this strong experience of meeting these wonderful people; how the kids loved to braid my blonde hair. And how they loved it when I threw them into the grey river water - they would jiggle until they were completely exhausted.

visiting zulu village south africa.JPG

I could smell and almost taste the flavours of the simple, but amazing vegetarian food (best food of the whole South Africa trip). They cooked these lovely meals in their one room home with thatched roofs and earth-stomped floor. I could still remember the warm welcome we received; the big smiles and the happiness that these people shared with us.

All with help from this ugly piece of jewellery.

The memories made me happy and I was thinking, what if these positive moments of remembrance could come more often? I would for sure need to find better souvenirs so that I could use them more often...

I think that souvenirs should be beautiful, qualitative, sustainably produced AND useful. This is why I have developed this range of products. I took the best pictures of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to share them with you!

You can now bring your beautiful memories home, reminding you of your fantastic time in Switzerland forever. I really hope you will like them as much as I do!

I wish you a fantastic year with good health, happiness and lots of travels! Malin

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