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Aletsch glacier – Europe’s longest glacier

It is said that mountain air is good for you. Well, I would like to say then that Switzerland is excellent for you as mountains cover 70% of the country. Of all the countries that share the alpine region, Switzerland features the highest number of glaciers (44). Incredibly immense, incredibly beautiful: the large Aletsch Glacier is the Alps’ mightiest ice flow.

This massive monster that is winding itself between the mountains. Watch from above on Google earth the size of this massive vein pumping out the ice from the mountains.

Walking along the glacier is stunning. The best scenic walk is probably from Bettmerhorn to Fiescheralp in around 3h30. You should probably count a bit more as the urge to stop enjoying the view and take pictures is overwhelming.

Walking along the glacier is amazing of course but when you can actually approach the glacier and be next to it, you feel how small you really are. On this picture, can you see the people standing next to that massive ice?

Another way of exploring a glacier is to rappel yourself down into a crevasse. For this you need to have really good nerves though, a bit of physical strengths and a guide.

The nature is dear to us at MA LOVE. Because of the climate change the glaciers are reducing every year. This is one of the main reasons why all our products are as sustainably produced as possible.

Happy glaciering!


PS, Do you notice the little sheep?

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