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We should have stayed home!

But we didn’t.

It was a sunny day in the beginning of March. On a sunny March day like this you just have to go to the mountains right? There is no way that you would stay at home. I could imagine us there skinning fast up the mountain, and then enjoying that lovely view from the top where you see the whole Lac Leman on one side and the beautiful Swiss alps on the other. I anticipated the pleasure to be up there already the day before.

We should have stayed home.

I had in mind all the great photos that you see on Facebook of people and friends skinning with lovely smiles, happier than ever. I remembered our last ski touring where the scenery was amazing and we were jumping up the mountain as if that was the only thing we had ever done.

We should have stayed home.

The alarm rang early in the morning. As getting up early is not our strength it took some time to get out of bed. We had that breakfast that every healthy person should have, porridge. We packed our bags and made the picnic. Yes, today was the day; we would bring a bottle of wine and some cheese for an extra beautiful day on the mountain. The bags were weighing tons already without it. But no problem for us! We were fit! Strong! And sporty!

We finally left home and realized after 15 min ride that we had to refuel the car. Ok, no problem that would be fast. But only fast if you had brought your wallet!

We should have stayed home.

So we went back home to get the wallet, and off again, refueled and off to the mountain. Here we come!!! Ok, a bit late, but no worries, here we come!!!!

As we were getting closer to the place, we started to have an awkward feeling… everything was brown around us and the snow line was very high up. In the beginning of March? But winter had just arrived!

Yes, but the fact was that this south face had no snow left as it usually happens only in the middle of spring.

We should have stayed home.

Ok, no worries, let's do another tour that is only 15 minutes away, a bit higher up and facing north. Here we come! This time there's plenty of snow from the start. It's 11.00 0’clock but no worries, we will make it.

We started the climb. The only little issue left was that this climb starts with a long almost flat approach walk. Beautiful sceneries but really long, and totally uninteresting skiing-wise. So when we got to the actual mountain (I mean the steep part) I was already quite demotivated (and we already had an argument about my slow speed but we won't talk about this here...).

“Right, Malin, get yourself together, now the climb starts. “ Phew… I am sporty, I am strong! We need to get to the top of that goddamn mountain and enjoy the awesome picnic that I had imagined!Am I really sporty? No really not, I am a lazy person. How does a lazy person climb a mountain? - With a helicopter. Yes, that’s it, with a helicopter. That’s my style!

Yes, we really should have stayed at home.

But I continued climbing up thinking “if I can occupy my thoughts with anything else than this hell of a mountain in front of me, it will work” Ok, I gave it a try, in vain - as I was inevitably caught back by this increasing neck pain caused by the heavy bag pack filled with the avalanche equipment, warm clothes and picnic stuff.

As the slope got steeper I started to slide back wards. I never slide backwards. Only today. And Mehdi says:

  • “Do you know why you slide back?”

  • “No”

  • “Because you take too small steps”

Aaaaaarrrrrhhhhhgggggggg!!!!! That was it for me today! We got the skins off and started to ski down. We basically walked all this way for nothing. For barely 3 nice turns in powder.

But honestly, you don’t need to climb a mountain only to have a romantic winter picnic? Following these ridiculous 3 turns, we stopped in the middle of that beautiful flat valley, surrounded by magnificent peaks, lit with a beautiful late afternoon golden light - and did enjoy the romantic awesome picnic we had imagined :)

Next time we will skip the mountain climb and just go straight to the picnic in the snow in that beautiful Swiss valley.

Finally, we shouldn’t have stayed home!


Two happy lazy skiers.


Which skier doesn't need a mingel tray on the mountain?

The perfect solution when you dont have a table.


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