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Some easy tips of how to declutter your home.

Most of us have things standing around that we use daily. It can easily create a cluttered and inharmonious impression. It is practical to have things that you use often easy accessible, but how do you avoid this cluttered feeling?

Trays are really excellent for this.


Work in different levels and heights. Start high behind and low in the front. It also makes it easier to access all the items at all times.

Put trays and/or chopping boards behind the tray. This frames the whole set together in a nice way.

IMG_1427 (1).jpg

You can work in many different ways with colours. In this case I have grey in different shades as the main colour to create an industrial feeling. The wood warms it up the colder feeling and brings in a contrast. Here I added a bit of turquoise to bring some more life in.


Most kitchens have solutions for spices. But perhaps your most used spices you want to have easy accessible on a tray next to the stove. If you have ugly, or a lot of different packaging’s it could make sense to buy nice jars or pots for the spices. In this case I thought they looked quite nice as the colour goes well with the wood and the grey tones.


The bathroom is a place that can easily be cluttered, especially if storage is missing or not accessible. To put your most used items on a tray can bring harmony to your bathroom. If you buy products from the same brand they look most of the time coordinated together. But many of us want different products from different brands. Sometimes a solution can be to take off the labels and just keep the white packaging. This can make the impression less hysterical.

There are so many ways, please try out your own and don’t hesitate to post it to my Facebook page if you feel like it. Happy decluttering! Malin

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