• Malin Ovesson

Dear future generations. Did I do as much as I could?

I was not always doing everything for the environment. Because I didn't know better. There is probably no excuse; the information was most likely out there. Was I just too busy and didn't listen?

I have been working for a big home furnishing company for 14 years and it was all about me me me. I stayed so long because they believed in me, I developed and I got amazing trainings in a dynamic and forward thinking organization. Yes, when you were in, you thought they did a lot for sustainability. That’s what they said, and marketed. How wrong I was, they did all they could - if they would save money on it only.

Once out from there I got some more time to read. I started to read articles and research materials day out and day in for a while. More and more organic food came into my fridge. Well that was partly selfish again as I didn't want to eat pesticides anymore. But it was as much thinking about the farmers, why should they get cancer because that I don't want to pay what it takes to produce good food? And the seas and oceans... we need to be nicer to the seas and the fish...

Many of the coatings, adhesives, and solvents used in the wood furniture industry contain toxic chemicals such as toluene, xylene, methanol, methyl ethyl ketone, glycol ethers, and formaldehyde. And the same for the textile industry. It is a real dirty business that makes us and the planet sick.

So I also started to search for sustainably made clothing and interior accessories. That was not as easy as the change of food. The organic food is everywhere, the organic clothing and interiors nowhere. I saw that many tried, but could not make a sustainable business work. Why? Because consumers do not want to pay what it cost to produce in a sustainable way? Perhaps. But perhaps they just don’t know better? Just like me...

Anyhow I decided that I wanted to take part in changing the world. I felt that if I don't do anything, why would anyone else? I had all my experience in the home furnishing business so there was no way that I would get a job in an NGO. So I finally decided that I want to create a home furnishing brand that truly breathes sustainability, as much as possible. Not only finding suppliers that live up to the standards is hard. But I take the best I can find and I try to improve and find new ones that can produce nice products and as sustainably as possible. Because it is from there sustainability starts. From the production. And it ends... by you. It is you, the customer, who chooses how the future should look. I am dreaming of us doing this change together! Wish you a happy summer!

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