• Malin Ovesson

Behind the scenes of our sustainable production.

Good production is key, and to find good producers is probably the most difficult and demanding task. It is extremely important for MA LOVE to have products that are sustainably produced, both when it comes to people and environment. We also have very high standard when it comes to quality. Often we had to turn down really interesting products just because we could not find the right supplier. So if you know a really good supplier that would fit our demand don't hesitate to contact us. Here are some pictures from our current production. Almost every step is handmade, piece by piece. The trays are all made of FCS certified birchwood, they are food proof tested and can be washed in the washing machine up to 95 degrees. They are carefully made one by one:

Almost there...

Our wool products are hand felted and it takes one day to felt one piece like on the picture for two people. The wool is "recycled" from nearby farms (that usually throw away their wool) and carefully selected to secure the wellbeing of the animals and to secure the quality of the product and the production.

Some of our products have certifications but often we use small family owned companies that can not afford certification to their small scale production. For us it is more important that we know that the production is good than to have a certification. Let's change the world together. If you need to buy something, always ask how the product is produced. Have a lovely Sunday to all our fans and customers out there! Malin

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