• Malin Ovesson

How to add some autumn cosiness to your bedroom.

Do you, just like me, long for the skiing season to come up? Why not just first enjoy the autumn. Light a fire (or if you don't have a fireplace candles works just as well), pour a glas of wine and read a good book under a thick, cosy quilt. How do you then fix your interior so that it fits this cosy moment?

1. Sort and organize. Nothing is as refreshing as cleaning out old stuff that you didn't use for ages. Rearrange your things to give new life to your space. Don't forget to recycle!

2. Change the colors. Change textiles and paint old things to give them new life. Typical colors that adds on to the autumn cosiness are these:

2. Change the materials. From light linnen and cotton to organic wool, fleece and fake fur. And of course a thick wool throw is indispensable.

Happy cosy autumn! Malin

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