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Noisy neighbors? We have the interior design solutions.

Most of us have once had a neighbor with disturbingly high heels, a dog with uncut claws, early bird kids, or other noisy nightly habits that we don't need to go in further details of. While earplugs might be the cheapest solution and the quickest fix, in a long run you might want to solve it differently.

1. An empty apartment is a noisy apartment.

Put furnitures and/or textiles on the wall where the noise comes from. Wool is an excellent material for that but also other textiles, cork, paper and cardboard will help you.

To make your home feel homely is hard without textiles. Without, or with very few textiles, you will create an unwanted echo. Of course you can avoid that by just using the normal ways to dress windows and cushions and throws but you can also go more creative as I show below.

If you like me, think that carpets are not the solution because of cleanliness reasons, perhaps try to put the rugs on the wall instead. It will give a noise reducing effect but also a special eye catcher for the room.

If you have a lot of noise then cover the whole or most of the wall and you should sleep like a princess. Think about putting the sound absorbers on the wall that is towards your noisy neighbor.

If you want to create a different feeling to your wall you can also use all the three sizes that we have available. Or mix in the gray with the white? The possibilities are many.

2. Bond with the neighbor.

An additional solution might be to give your neighbor some slippers for christmas? Hopefully it can increase also the bonding with your neighbor and your possibilities to a quieter life. Baabuk has wonderful slippers that would fit to our style.

3. Move.

If all the above doesn't work? Perhaps it is time to move on..

I wish you a really good night sleep!


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