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Maison & Objet Paris, my favourite picks

This place is really heaven if you love home furnishings like I do. I can just walk around for hours just looking at objects, solutions, how they work, what they do and why. What story does the company try to tell. How do they show their values. Why do the customers walk into their stand etc. etc...

Some just simply do amazingly beautiful objects. I just can't get enough of these plates. I just feel a huge urge to get some for my home! And for sure the nicest plates in the whole fair.

Pure bliss...

Simle, natural and just so relaxing to put your eyes on...

Beautifully hand crafted canvases

Animal inspired installations done a bit differently

The soft toy chair for extra comfort in double meaning

A beautiful bar installation -

A visual stop in the commercial blur -

Some stands are just crazy. Imagine the costs, effort and waste to build this stand. Just for 5 days... I am speechless..

I would love to have a tea in these...

I imagine this bed... in my garden..

Back to Scandinavian 50ies (and decorating with big balls :) )-

Eclectic beauty -

A beautiful wall light installation -

Perhaps my favourite lamps of the fair. Or not, cos I just simply love beautiful organic lamps like these!

Thank you for reading! Perhaps it's not the last blog post from this fair. We'll see...

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