The alpine pasqueflower (Pulsatilla alpina fruit,Pulsatille des Alpes Alpen-Kuhschelle), is found in the mountain ranges of central and southern Europe from central Spain to Croatia. It grows between 1,200 and 2,700 m above mean sea level and is mildly toxic. The design is made from the grains (the dead flower), perhaps the most beautiful stage of the plant life! 

Alpina fruit tea towel 50x70

  • 100% unbleached linen 50x70cm Wash at 60 degrees Benefits of linen: Linen is a very durable fibre and has many benefits over cotton. - Linen is 30% stronger than cotton - Has high moisture absorbency - Hypo-allergenic - Highly breathable - Structurally sound fibre so products keep their shape - Environmentally friendly – less water and chemicals to cultivate