The alpine pasqueflower (Pulsatilla alpina fruit,Pulsatille des Alpes Alpen-Kuhschelle), is found in the mountain ranges of central and southern Europe from central Spain to Croatia. It grows between 1,200 and 2,700 m above mean sea level and is mildly toxic. The design is made from the grains (the dead flower), perhaps the most beautiful stage of the plant life! 

Alpina Fruit Tray 31cm

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  • Our wooden products are FSC certified. They are made of birch veneer and the surface consists of melamine-dipped paper. Melamine is an organic compound and used to make our products durable. It is also the melamine that makes them water-resistant. The melamine is tightly bound in our products, something we ensure by having the products undergo a Food Contact test. Each product is a hand made piece of craft made one by one. Care instructions: Birch veneer products have been tested in restaurant dishwasher up to 95 degrees. Dry off with soap and water with a cloth Size: 31 cm in diameter