The alpine aster (berg aster) likes cooler climates, native in the Alps and it can tolerate only a minimum temperature of -28°C after the occurrence of cell damage. It can survive medium heat of fire and requires at least 90 frost free days for proper growth. It is herbaceous and attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds.

Alpine Aster serviette ring

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  • Our wooden products are FSC certified. They are made of birch veneer with acoating of melamine-dipped paper. Melamine, an organic compound, makes our products durable and water-resistant. We ensure the melamine is tightly bonded to our products by having the products undergo a Food Contact test. Each product is a handmade piece of art made individually. Care instructions: Birch veneer products have been tested in restaurant dishwashers to up to 95°C. Size: 9 cm