There are 843 visible castles and ruins in Switzerland.Set against the stark white peaks of the Valais mountains, Chillon looks like an enchanted castle, an illustration from a fairy tale book. Sleeping Beauty might easily slumber there lulled by the soft lapping of the waves outside. But there’s nothing languid about the history of the place. The rock on which the castle stands was occupied by men of the Bonze Age and later by the Romans. It has been a fortress for more than a thousand years, witness to every sort of human drama.

Castle coaster

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  • Our wooden products are FSC certified. They are made of birch veneer with acoating of melamine-dipped paper. Melamine, an organic compound, makes our products durable and water-resistant. We ensure the melamine is tightly bonded to our products by having the products undergo a Food Contact test. Each product is a handmade piece of art made individually. Care instructions: Birch veneer products have been tested in restaurant dishwashers to up to 95°C. Wash with liquid detergent and dry off with a cloth. Size: 9 cm