The Edelweiss, a protected plant, blooms in the alpine regions of Switzerland between July and September. Did you know that the Edelweiss is not really a flower as such, but a set of 500 to 1000 tiny florets grouped in several heads (2 to 10 of each) surrounded by 5 to 15 white velvety leaves; that it is fertilisedby flies; that it originally came from the Himalayaas and was practically unknown in Switzerland until the late 19th century?

Edelweiss cushion 65x40

  • 100% organically produced swedish wool. The cushion has two different sides so that you can decide upon the mood of the day weather to go for a light or a dark impression. Sold only as cover. The inner cushion you can find for example in IKEA (size 50x50, 65x40) or Micasa (size 50x50) Wash instructions: Wash 40 degrees. Use the wool program only. Use a mild detergent and spin-dry at max. No tumble dry.