The Edelweiss, a protected plant, blooms in the alpine regions of Switzerland between July and September. Did you know that the Edelweiss is not really a flower as such, but a set of 500 to 1000 tiny florets grouped in several heads (2 to 10 of each) surrounded by 5 to 15 white velvety leaves; that it is fertilised by flies; that it originally came from the Himalayaas and was practically unknown in Switzerland until the late 19th century?

Edelweiss trivet Swiss gift & souvenir

  • The perfect gift & souvenir from the alps. This trivet, which can be used for teapots, pots or pans, is hand made from felted wool. In Sweden, sheep are mainly used to keep fields in good trim and their wool used to be thrown away. The wool is now collected and turned into these first class felted products for you. 20 cm diameter. As this product is handmade the thickness varies but it is between 1-1,5 cm.