Size: 180x240 cm

Organic wool and vegetable dies, fair-trade and GOTS certified. 

Gray shag

  • While natural fiber rugs are readily available on the market, there is no guarantee that the raw materials used in the production of these rugs are free of harmful chemicals. There are two main benefits in choosing organically certified materials over conventional materials. 1. Sustainability: Wool: By farming sheep organically the land can naturally regenerate and sustain itself. Organic sheep are managed without being fed modified feeds or dipped in harmful chemicals, which means that people, animals, and the environment are not contaminated. Organic livestock producers must not exceed the natural carrying capacity of the land so the devastating environmental impact of overgrazing does not occur. Organic wool is fully biodegradable and therefore we are not adding anything to landfills. Organic producers have worked hard to find improved practices for controlling water usage and minimizing water contamination, therefore protecting valuable water resources. 2. A healthier consumer product: Since we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, it is natural for us to want to create a healthy environment with good quality indoor air. Indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than outside air quality. American EPA Report on Indoor Air Quality Our skin can ‘breathe’ in and absorb chemicals and therefore the natural purity of organic fibers ensures that our skin is exposed to only natural healthy substances. A MA LOVE rug may be your choice if you are designing a natural home, or are searching for hypo-allergenic home furnishings. What does being certified organic mean in the production of rugs? • sourcing materials from traceable certified organic producers • materials are cleaned (or scoured) using biodegradable cleansing agents • water sources in the processing must remain sustainable • all agents and oils used in the spinning process must not be synthetic • yarn is dyed using GOTS certified dye stuffs