The moon had risen high into the sky and the stars were reflected on the surface of the lake, looking for all the world like diamonds glittering in its depths. 

Lake Diamonds coasters

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  • Each piece has an individual design. You will get a mix of designs when ordering, similar to the ones on the picture. If you have any special wishes please send us an e-mail. Our wooden products are FSC certified. They are made of birch veneer with a coating of melamine-dipped paper. Melamine, an organic compound, makes our products durable and water-resistant. We ensure the melamine is tightly bonded to our products by having the products undergo a Food Contact test. Each product is a handmade piece of art made individually. Care instructions: Birch veneer products have been tested in restaurant dishwashers to up to 95°C. Wash with liquid detergent and dry off with a cloth. Size: 9 cm