The tradition of wine and viticulture in Switzerland is very old, going back to atleast Roman times. The first bottle, made in ceramic, was found near Sembrancher (Valais), in a Celtic tomb of a lady circa 200 BC.What’s special about Swiss winemaking is that the vinification styles vary considerably throughout the country and are influenced by culture and climate. As you may know, Switzerland is divided among the French, German and Italian speaking populations each of which have their own heavily guarded secrets to winemaking. Only 1 to 2 % of Swiss wine production is exported. Much of the wine produced in Switzerland doesn’t leave the small villages in which they are made.

Vineyards trivet/pot underlay

  • The trivet is made of MDF coated with melamine. Melamine is an organic compound and used to make our products durable. It is also the melamine that makes them water-restistant. The melamine is tightly bound in our products, something we ensure by having the products undergo a Food Contact test. Do not put in dishwasher or do not leave it in water. Simply dry it off with soap and water with a cloth Size 40x30 cm