Internship Business Development


MA LOVE is a small start up based in Lausanne and is operating since 2 years.  Our philosophy is that home furnishings as well as travel memories should last long, be of good quality, sustainably produced and make your home more beautiful and practical. We work with a timeless design that stays modern forever and fits easily into most homes.


We mainly sell B2B (shops) but also B2C. 



Projects that will/can be included depending on your skills and motivation.


Tradeshow Maison & Objet, Paris, 7-12 September


  • Support with building up the stand (1 day)

  • Support with selling and building customer relations (5 days)

  • Take down the stand (a few hours, last day)


Selling will be mainly in English but also in French


Transport (car) to Paris from Lausanne and hotel (shared hotel room near the tradeshow) is paid. If only a part of the show is done transport is paid by you (build up and minimum 3 days of selling required). Some time off in Paris possible.


Pre show – prepare materials for the show. Post show – prepare deliveries for customers



Prepare for new markets – Export strategy, implementation. (Ready for 16th Aout)


- Check all documentations about laws and rules. F.ex.

  • Export duty and value added tax

  • Any costs incurred in the country of destination

  • Possible types of export customs declaration

  • Restrictions to be observed when exporting

  • Customs costs

  • Postal procedures

  • etc…

- Evaluate current situation in the company. Implement adaptions and execute changes needed for exportation.



Pricing strategy for Switzerland and Export

(Ready 31st August)


  • Evaluate the Swiss market, create strategy and the current pricing for Switzerland looking into competition, buying price and margins. Does it somehow need to be adapted? Adapt pricelists if needed.

  • Evaluate the European (EU) market, create pricing strategy and implement price plans in Euro



Implement online marketing funnels (B2C & B2B)


  • Optimize leads by advertising (free or low-cost), SEO and other search optimisation to secure that MA LOVE comes up first in Google search, social media, blog, content.

  • Create landing page for the above if needed



Commercialize the sales process & offers


  • Create a revenue model and use Tier approach that works for B2B product business.

  • Implement and test with a few shops.



Evaluate and launch new markets


Hospitality business (gifts, restaurant props hotel gift shops etc.) Researching and implementing sales processes.


      - Presenting, promoting and selling products using solid arguments to    prospective customers through visits, phonecalls, e-mailing, tradeshows etc.

  • Work with customers to find what they want, create sales solutions and ensure a smooth sales and delivery process

  • Sales representatives will work to find new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals etc.

  • Achieving growth and hitting sales targets by successfull and active selling

  • Evaluation of project


Evaluate other market potentials with the same strategies as above. Tourist offices? Tourist companies etc..



Optimize current customer book


Our current customers are mostly small shops up to bigger ones such as Globus (that will not buy from us this coming commercial year because of change of concept)


-   Presenting, promoting and selling products using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers through visits, phonecalls, e-mailing, tradeshows etc.

-     Customer retention and loyalty - contact customers that didnt repurchase for a while, design offers that fits them.

-    Work with customers to find what they want, create sales solutions and ensure a smooth sales and delivery process

-    Sales representatives will work to find new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals etc.
-    Achieving growth and hitting sales targets by successfull selling

-    Bring back great testimonials from customers



Optimize logistics processes


  • Look for new materials – packaging etc. with both B2B and B2C in mind.

  • Evaluate the current process. Is there a better and faster one? With export and local sales in mind.



Implement Pinterest as a Social Media tool


  • Special needs compared to FB, Instagram?

  • Simple communication strategy need?

  • Post all available pictures until now



New supplier opportunities


  • Search and contact new sustainable supplier producing products that are f.ex organic (GOTS) or in sustainable materials such as linen, bamboo etc. Evaluate the fit with MA LOVE in terms of sustainability, price, terms of delivery, quantity delivered and ease of working with them.





  • Create excellent blog posts throughout the year about Interior design and Visual merchandising (good competence and knowledge needed) and other topics that are relevant to B2B and B2C customers and to improve traffic to the page (European market). Language used could be English, French or German.



Other possible on going other projects could be: Website optimisation, implementing a pop-up store (possible project on-going but it is not sure) or looking for shop possibilities etc. etc. Perhaps you have some own ideas of what could develop the business in an efficient way?





-    You are salesdriven and loves to create good longterm relationships              with customers. Creating sales oportunities is   your mission and you are familiar with the sales processes needed to do successfull selling.

  • You are energetic and want to get things done fast.

  • You are flexible and is ready to do everything that is needed to do in a small company (there is noone else that will do the work)

  • You analyse the situation and likes to develop and try out better, cheaper and faster ways of working.

  • You like to analyse salesfigures and develop sales around that.

  • You want to learn how a start up works

  • You are interested in homefurnishings and interior design.

  • You see working with small or no budget as a fun challenge

  • You have a good knowledge of the basic computer programs

  • You have a sufficient level of French and/or German to be able to sell.



     What we can offer:


  • Lots of small business learnings and interesting oportunities to grow and learn about the Design industry, how to work with B2B etc. Etc.

  • Big responsibilities and lots of learnings

  • Freedom to do projects with your own ideas

  • Work certificate for minimum 2 months.

  • If we can increase sales enough there might be posibilities for a future Business development manager position.

  • Flexible working hours depening on need. Tuesday and Thursdays are full days together in the office/garden ;) The rest can be flexible/discussed.

  • Live in options if needed is available/can be discussed


If you want to participate in starting up an interior design company and you think that you fit to the above requirements you send your CV and motivation letter to